One of the most spectacularw of all national parks, the Grand Canyon is a never ending adventure. Many of the images in this gallery were made during a 12-day rafting trip through the entire length of the canyon.

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Grand Canyon Dawn The suns first warm light illuminates the canyon from the south rim

Canyon Rafts Two rafts landed on a sand bar for the night

Colorado River Bend Bend on the Colorado River near Cardenas Creek

Hilltop Ruin Ruins at Cardenas Creek

Cardenas Panorama Grand Canyon rim from below

Clear Creek Fall Small waterfall on Clear Creek

Clear Creek Cascades Small waterfall on Clear Creek

Deer Creek Canyon Slot canyon on Deer Creek

Deer Creek Slot Slot canyon on Deer Creek

Elves Chasm Elves Chasm waterfall and pool

Canyon Frog Frog in Buck Farm Canyon side canyon to the Grand Canyon

Bighorn Sheep Bighorns in the Grand Canyon

Granite Rapids River runners at Granite Rapids

River Runners Our photographer group going through Granite Rapids

Prickly Pear Prickly Pear cactus at the Havasu Canyon side canyon

Havasu Creek Towering walls surround Havasu Creek

Havasu Cascades Colorful travertine falls on Havasu Creek

"Death March" Hiker on the grueling trail to Thunder Creek

Confluence The confluence of the Colorado and Little Colorado Rivers

Marble Canyon The Marble Canyon section of the Grand Canyon

Barrel Cacti Cacti on a perch near Nankoweap Canyon

Matkatamiba Slot Small slot in Matkatamiba Canyon

Matkatamiba Swirl Small slot in Matkatamiba Canyon

Vishnu Schist The oldest rock at the lowest point of the canyon is around 2 billion years old, half the age of the planet!

Yin & Yang Canyon wall and sky reflecting in the river

North Canyon Sunset near the mouth of North Canyon

Tree and Rock Wall Small tree in Saddle Canyon

Stone Creek Fall Waterfall on Stone Creek

Thunder Creek Falls Enormous waterfalls coming out of the sheer sandstone wall at Thunder Creek

Vasey's Paradise Twin waterfalls at Vasey's Paradise

Havasu Travertine Pools Travertine formations at Havasu Falls

Havasu Moon The moon is rising over Havasu Falls

Havasu Sunset Dramatic clouds illuminate Havasu Falls at sunset

Mooney Falls Travertine formations at Mooney Falls

Mooney Rock Cascdes below Mooney Falls

Immovable Rock below Mooney Falls

Nankoweap Ruins Anasazi granaries at Nankoweap Creek

Toroweap Point The Grand Canyon at its deepest, from Toroweap Point

Wukoki Pueblo Anasazi ruins in Wupatki National Monument

Lomaki Pueblo Anasazi ruins in Wupatki National Monument