The Pacific Northwest is a fairy tale land of forests, waterfalls, deep lakes, ocean beaches, and rivers. This gallery tries to portray a sense of place through both intimate details and sweeping vistas.

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Rialto Seastack Rialto beach seastack

Olympic Giant Sunset at Second Beach

Olympic Seastack Low tide at Second Beach

Olympic Waves Calm waves at Second Beach

Shi Shi Low Tide Low tide at Point of the Arches

Olympic Reflection Pools remain as the water recedes temporarily at Point of the Arches

Point of Arches Rock fins revealed at low tide

Olympic Starfish Starfish on rock at Point of the Arches

Bloodstar Bloodstar on kelp

Rialto Tidepooling Starfishes on rock at low tide

Hoh Moss Mossy trees in Hoh Rainforest

Rainforest Mystery Maples trees in Hoh Rainforest

Hoh Maple Grove The sun's rays shine through mossy tree limbs

Enchanted Forest Trail to Sol Duc Falls

Marymere Falls Beautyful small waterfall near Lake Crecent

Sol Duc Autumn Sol Duc Falls in fall color shroud

Frozen Marymere Icy and snow at Marymere Falls

Green Sol Duc River Green foliage reflecting in Sol Duc River

Mount Constitution View towards Mount Baker from Orcas Island

Lime Kiln Lighthouse on San Juan Island