Oceans, lakes, rivers, creeks, waterfalls, and other natural wonders where water plays the leading role hold a special place in many photographer's hearts, including mine.

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Caddo Mystique Caddo Lake in East Texas

Crater Lake Sunset and moonrise over Wizard Island

Impression Fall colors reflecting in Lake Daingerfield, Texas

Grand Prismatic Spring Yeloowstone National Park

Canyon Paradise Havasu Falls and travertine pools

Havasu Pools Havasu Falls and travertine pools

Havasu Falls In Havasu side canyon to the Grand Canyon

Reflection Lost Maples State Park, Texas

Magic Light Lake Yellowstone

Mono Lake Tufa formations at sunset

Tufa Towers Tufa formations at sunset

Mooney Rock Rock at the foot of Mooney Falls, Arizona

River Rock Wonderfully eroded river rock in Paradise Creek

Pebble Beach Pacific sunset on the California coast

Caddo Dawn Caddo Lake in East Texas

Golden River Virgin River in Zion National Park